Greetings from the HLA Conference Committee

We are looking towards the conference this year with high expectations, and in line with this week’s advice from the government fully expect to be returning to Walton Hall in September for the usual two day, plus night prior event.
To help us plan, we need to get an idea of how things stand with hospices across the country, as we know all too well, that Covid has made a big difference to what we can expect as income, but also to how we spend our budgets.  To that end we would welcome your responses to the survey below; indicating whether your attendance at September’s conference has been, or is expected to be, included and approved within your charity’s expenditure budget for the financial year.

Conference 2021 - Register of interest survey

The budget for my attendance has been approved
Will further budgeting decisions allow you to attend?
The budget for my colleagues has been approved
For how many?
Will further budgeting decisions allow your colleague(s) to attend?

The costs for the 2021 HLA Conference will be:

Delegate - charges
Night prior – dinner/B&B/Gala dinner & 2 day conf.  £379
Night prior -dinner/B&B / Gala dinner & 2 day conf. (share cost pp)  £312
Night prior - B&B /Gala dinner & 2 day conf.  £366
Night prior - B&B / Gala dinner & 2 day conf. (share - cost pp)  £286
2 day conf. - B&B/gala dinner   £261
2 day conf. - B&B/gala dinner (share - cost pp)  £228
Day 1 delegate - per day  £128
Day 2 delegate - per day  £96
Gala Dinner for Day Delegates  £60