Red tape linked to running some lotteries for good causes is set to be cut following a change in the law. 

From Wednesday (6 April) a number of changes to the Gambling Act will reduce the requirements for running some low level lotteries but the law will still ensure that they are run fairly to support charities and other good causes. 

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Following the Incidental Non-Commercial, Private Society, Work and Residents' Lotteries Consultation, the Legislative Reform (Exempt Lotteries) Order 2016 has passed all its parliamentary stages and will come into effect on 6 April. 

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The Board of Directors is now complete and are now fully engaged in managing the affairs of the HLA and shaping its direction in the upcoming period.

We are always looking to identify new candidates that may wish to join the Board, should a vacancy arise. The nomination panel will review all submissions and will hold the applications of those Directors that can assist the Board for when a vacancy arises. It is essential that nominees have already gained approval from their Hospice to stand for the Board.

If you are interested but have queries, please contact David Griffiths on 01442 891459 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an informal and confidential chat


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