The Gambling Commission have produced a Service Level document detailing the expected response times for licence related enquiries.

It is also available in the Documents section of the Members Area under the Regulation tab.


For information, the Gambling Commission want to share an issue recently raised with the Commission by a solicitor on behalf of one of their clients. Our response may be of interest to HLA members.

It concerns social responsibility code provision 3.5.3(8):

“Customers must be given the opportunity to self-exclude by contacting customer services and in addition by entering an automated process using remote communication. In order to avoid inadvertent self-exclusion it is acceptable for an automated process to include an additional step that requires the customer to confirm that they wish to self-exclude. The licensee must ensure that all staff who are involved in direct customer service are aware of the self-exclusion system in place, and are able to direct that individual to an immediate point of contact with whom/which to complete that process.”

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