The Gambling Commission have published guidance on the changes to regulatory returns that will be coming into effect from April 2018. The guidance can be accessed at this link.

The regulatory data consultation held in 2016, with responses published mid-2017, outlined the changes which will be made to regulatory return submission due from April 2018. Within the responses document, they made a commitment to publish the guidance ahead of when the changes are due to be implemented to give operators enough time to prepare for the changes.

The commission have taken into account the feedback provided by the responses on the need for clarification on some of the definitions, as well as the high demand for all guidance to be accessible in a collective form. The guidance for returns due to be submitted from April 2018 is now on their website and will be replicated in e-services from April.

Important correspondence from the Gambling Commission, the Committee of Advertising Practice, the Advertising Standards Authority and the Remote Gambling Association regarding adverts on operators’ websites, or in third party media, which are likely to appeal particularly to under 18s.

Operators are required to take immediate action to ensure that such adverts are amended or removed in accordance with The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (the CAP Code).

Read more: Removal of adverts that appeal to under 18s

The Gambling Commission have been made aware of some lottery ticket vending machine suppliers and pub landlords agreeing to site these machines without the knowledge or agreement of the promoter of the lottery - that cannot happen. An arrangement to site an LTVM must be between the licensed or registered promoter of the lottery and the site owner or manager. 

Read the Commission's guidance on LTVMs

The Gambling Commission have published a consultation which sets out their proposals to change some parts of the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) applicable to lottery operators and gives an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the proposed changes. Its main focus is on transparency of information to consumers on lotteries promoted by societies, local authorities and external lottery managers (ELMs).

Read more: Consultation on proposed changes to LCCP for lotteries


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