The Phone-Paid Services Authority has launched a consultation inviting feedback on new rules designed to ensure society lottery operators prevent anyone under the age of 16 from being able to enter lotteries by text, provide clear information about how to claim winnings and offer access to gambling addiction support. Find the full consultation document here 

The HLA will be responding to this consultation by 17th April 2018.

The Gambling Commission have published their response to the consultation on proposals to change some parts of the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) applicable to lottery operators.  

They have listened to the concerns that lottery operators and trade associations have voiced, and amended the wording of the codes to reflect some of these concerns. They have also removed the proposed definition of high frequency lotteries, as proposed, although they have rephrased the low frequency definition to correctly include local authority lottery operators. 

These changes will come into force on 4 April 2018, to coincide with changes to data requirements announced following the consultation last year on regulatory data collection.

The guiding principles throughout this review process was to ensure consumers have information available to them on the nature of the lottery products on offer, and the percentage of lottery proceeds returned to the purposes of each society.

You can see the consultation response, together with the consultation itself at the link below.  

The Commission thanks the Hospice Lotteries Association and its members for their responses to the consultation – they have been extremely valuable, and we have tried to take into account the concerns expressed.


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