Reminder of the Gambling Commissions concerns with regards lottery pull tab machines.

We are seeing increased offers from companies looking to hook into charities to donate their 20% obligation to. The GC have provided the following clarification on why this may not meet the legal requirements for a lottery operator, and may put your hospice in trouble if you support the work of these operators...

Where operators (both licensed and unlicensed) are offering to install lottery ticket vending machines in public houses on a ‘profit share’ basis this could be seen as committing lottery offences by promoting unlawful lotteries (contrary to section 258 of the Act) and/or misusing lottery profits (contrary to sections 260/261 of the Act).

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The HLA is happy to report the long awaited consultation on Lottery limits has commenced. The consultation document can be found here and the document is supported by the information provided to the DCMS by the Gambling Commission, which can be found here We urge all members to take note of the significance of this action and recommend that Hospices respond directly to the consultation if they wish to. It is important to the Minister that there is a large positive feedback to the consultation by operators.

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Following the implementation of new licence social responsibility codes last week (SR codes 4.3.1 and 4.3.2), the Gambling Commission have updated the following advice notes for lotteries:


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