You may have heard the news that the Gambling Commission has today announced the outcome of the consultation into the use of credit cards in gambling, including lotteries.

As you know, the HLA opposed the ban because whilst it was recognised that this was a significant issue for gambling overall, the society lottery sector is low risk and we believe our supporters are to be disadvantaged disproportionately from the problem being addressed.

Ultimately the Gambling Commission have decided not to apply the ban to non-remote lotteries, for which credit cards can continue to be accepted, and for which we are appreciative. However, they have chosen to ignore the argument that banning the use of credit cards for remote lotteries was excessive. From 14 April 2020, therefore, all operators of remote lotteries will not be able to accept payment by credit card, including payments by credit card through PayPal and other e-wallet providers.

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The Commission has since received a number of queries from society lotteries on how these announcements will impact them. They have therefore provided some guidance to assist.


The Commission has also announced that all online operators must participate in the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme GAMSTOP. This will not apply to draw based games, i.e. remote or non-remote lotteries as we use them, but note that “Instant Win Games offered by lotteries will also be blocked for consumers who chose to self-exclude”. We have received confirmation that this requirement applies only to online Instant Win Games  - as it is applied in the Social Responsibility code provision for online multi-operator self-exclusion – but does not apply to physical scratch cards, whether purchased through remote means or non-remote -  The Gambling Commission’s clarification is available here.

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