Please see the link to the Gambling Commission's published Risk Assessment 2018


The Commission continues to develop its risk-based approach and this year we have refined our assessment to include a very high rating and have included a matrix with narrative to explain our approach in a transparent way, so it will aid gambling operators in applying their own risk-based approach when completing their own mandatory risk assessment.

The Risk Assessment for the first time also includes an assessment of the threat of terrorist financing, this has been added as the Commission’s remit includes the countering of terrorist financing as a source of crime and it is our aim to continue to develop the knowledge of the gambling industry overtime about this important area of threat, as well as developing money laundering typologies.

By adding both terrorist financing and updating our assessment of money laundering risks to the Industry through this publication, we expect your members to review their own risk assessments under LCCP requirements and embed the learning the Commission is highlighting in this publication.



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