Following the Crime Review, two supplementary consultations are now live until 20th June 2016.

HLA members are invited to respond to the consultations...

1. Extending the requirement to assess money laundering risk to the non-remote lottery sector

A consultation on whether to include non-remote lotteries in the new licence condition that requires operators to identify and implement effective policies to manage Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Countering Terrorist Financing (CTF) risks to their businesses.
The Commission decided to implement this new licence condition following the crime review consultation. They are not consulting on the wording of the condition, only on whether to include non-remote lotteries.
This is relevant particularly to Hospice Lotteries Association members

Links: Details of the consultation ι Consultation document ι Response form


2. Wording of licence condition on digital adverts

A consultation on the wording of a new licence condition requiring operators to ensure that digital adverts placed by them or on their behalf are placed responsibly.
The Commission established the principle for this new licence condition in the crime review, and are now only consulting on the wording (and not whether or not to implement it)
This is relevant to all operators who place digital adverts, and those who place them on their behalf (including ELMs)

Links: Details of the consultation ι Consultation document ι Response form


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